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 Carnival and Royal Caribbean are two well-liked cruise lines that have powerful followings.   Some cruise aficionados refuse to sail on one particular or the other.   Are there any big variations in between them? Explore which cruise might match your wants the ideal. For our comparison we sailed on two equivalent ships – the Carnival Liberty and the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas.

    • Itinerary   Each ships go to Caribbean Islands like Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, St. Thomas, the Bahamas and St. Martin / St. Maarten. The Liberty also visited its private island Half Moon Cay, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. The Mariner of the Seas traveled to its private island Coco Cay and Labadee (the north coast of Haiti). We loved most of the areas that each of the ships visited and never think that this should really be a distinguishing issue on deciding in between the cruise lines.
    • Shows   Every single evening there are a selection of shows. Usually you have the principal show and some sort of entertainment ahead of and probably afterward. We felt that the principal shows on the Mariner of the Seas had been greater. On the Liberty we liked the comedian and juggling act. If you like seeing the shows, Royal Caribbean was greater for the principal shows and Carnival was slightly greater for the comedians.
    • Dining Area We enjoyed the atmosphere of each dining rooms on the Liberty and Mariner of the Seas. We felt that the menu had a tiny much more selection on the Mariner of the Seas.
    • Friendliness of employees The Liberty and Mariner of the Seas each get higher grades. We did have one particular waiter that complained some on one particular of our trips on the Mariner. We had a slightly greater expertise on the Liberty, but really feel that each crews did an superb job and that this should really not be a distinguishing issue on selecting a cruise.
    • Pools   The Mariner of the Seas and Liberty each had salt water pools – which most cruise ships have. They each had pools for children and adults. We liked the Liberty's pools greater simply because one particular had a slide. If you have children, this would be one thing that they would surely get pleasure from.
    • Spa   We attempted the spa on the Liberty and loved it. We did not attempt the spa on the Mariner of the Seas. Usually you cannot go incorrect when receiving a spa therapy.
    • Excursions   We enjoyed our excursions on each ships. We're not certain why, but there are pretty couple of excursions on Puerto Rico. Both seemed to employ customers who ran the excursions with experienced, friendly attitudes. We definitely have not run into any tour guides with poor attitudes. Each cruise lines get higher marks.
    • Children Applications   We met travelers on Carnival that would definitely would not sail on Royal Caribbean simply because of the children applications. We did not really feel the very same way at all. In truth, we believed that Carnival and Royal Caribbean did an superb job with their children applications. There had been lots of children on each cruises.
    • Age of Clientele   There was a wide variety of the age of cruisers on each Carnival and Royal Caribbean. The age seemed to be slightly younger on our Carnival cruise. Many occasions Caribbean destinations in the course of the summer season have a lot of kids, so that the age of the clientele is younger. If you travel in the course of the college year, the typical age is older with quite a few significantly less kids. In basic, specifically in the course of the college year, Carnival has a younger crowd. This can support you program if you favor a younger or slightly older crowd. 
  • Game Area   Each the Mariner of the Seas and Liberty had a equivalent size game area.   We do not really feel that this was a distinguishing issue, even even though it can be an critical aspect of the trip for the children!
  • Cafeteria   We felt that the meals was much more varied on the Mariner of the Seas. The high-quality was usually excellent to pretty excellent on each ships.
  • Odds and Ends   We liked the outside motion pictures that Liberty had each and every evening. We believed that the putt-putt golf course was a tiny greater on the Mariner of the Seas. We did not favor the access to the online cape on the Liberty. You had to stroll by way of a lounge with cigar smoke for access. We also talked to cruisers on the Royal Caribbean who would not sail Carnival due to also quite a few smokers. We did not obtain this to be the case on our trips, and believed that there was tiny distinction in the quantity of persons smoking.

The Bottom Line   All round, for our wants we liked the Mariner of the Seas slightly greater. We would not hesitate to book on either ship once again, as we believed that each trips had been pretty enjoyable.