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It depends! There is no a single size fits all answer. The ideal way to travel depends on quite a few issues, but right here are a couple of important variables.

  • Your Factors for travelling.
  • Are you going solo or with good friends from property?
  • The duration of the trip.
  • Your character.
  • The place.


If you are going to travel to ultimately take a lengthy deserved break from your 60 hours weeks in a stressful job. Then I hugely doubt you want to devote your break cramming your brain with loads and loads of new info. This can be in the kind of a new language, new techniques to function, new meals, and figuring out a new public transit program every single other day. In this case you would be far superior off going someplace you are semi-familiar with or travelling with a group. In a group you will get to chill out. The corporation guide will take care of all the logistics, bargaining, scams, hotels, bus tickets and taxi rides. You are just there to clear your thoughts, not play Indiana Jones.

Are you going solo or with good friends from property?

If going solo, practically nothing is stopping you from meeting folks on the road. Although traveling, you will meet tons of folks but they are not constantly going your way. You could meet new folks in Bangkok that appear like they are an amazing bunch but they are going to Chiang Mai… the city you just came from. That can be sort of a drag. Unless you are fortunate and meet the ideal traveling companion, you will have to get applied to brief term friendships. If you want to keep with the identical folks for the duration of the trip, create superior, longer lasting relationships and get started creating inside jokes and all that enjoyable stuff, group travel is absolutely the superior selection.

The duration of the trip

If you are leaving for a quite brief period of time like 1 or two weeks. It would be superior to go with a tour simply because they have years of practical experience in producing the ideal itineraries. You may go solo, hoping to see this and that through your week only to locate out that the bus only leaves every single other day to that location. The group travel companies know this! And they program for it way in advance permitting you the chance to see all the things they stated you would see… Assured! On the other hand if you have four months, go solo! Take your time, missed the bus? Oh effectively. Now you know, you have months ahead of you.

Your character

If you happen to be a quite stressed out person, dislike getting out of your element, not a big fan of modify but nevertheless want to see stunning areas, going solo may just give you a lengthy headache. You do not want to come back property with anger and new prejudices! Definitely, the group tour selection would be a fantastic a single for you. If you are effortless going, do not thoughts searching stupid in public, believe that acquiring lost or scammed is component of life and appreciate the development you will get out of poor experiences, go solo.


If you are going to challenging to attain areas exactly where you either need to have a auto (or worse a 4×4 truck) to get to. Going solo is quite significantly out of the query (unless you have tons of money on hand!). Some national parks demand a 4×4 automobile to get about. If you show up with just a tent, and hiking boots, you will not see significantly! I speak from initially hand practical experience. I attempted to stop by Kaeng Krachan national park in Thailand by foot. I believed they had hiking trails. I was incorrect! I had to turn back. Consider also of issues like safaris, some final for a couple of days, some for a couple of weeks!.

Now if you are heading to an effortless access place exactly where you know you will locate an individual that can fully grasp you, locate English menus and so forth. Practically nothing incorrect with going by oneself!

So take this into consideration when daydreaming about your subsequent trip. So quite a few issues are a issue in figuring out the ideal trip. But these are the key problems that must aid you figure out what the ideal way to travel is for you.